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Edmonds Roofing

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We specialize in all types of roof repairs for Edmonds homes and businesses.  Damaged or missing shingles, flashing, animal damage, water leaks, hail damage, faulty maintenance and more.

Edmonds Roofing

Edmonds Roofing

Let the quality of the roofing product and the attention to detail reflect your home’s value.  The important decision of who you hire to repair your Edmonds roof will mean everything when you sell your home or the next huge wind blows off the Puget Sound.

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Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQs

  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: Do You Clean Up The Roofing Job Site?
    We keep your property tidy on a daily basis and at the end of the roofing job ensure there is no sign of the work just finished. If we are tearing off your roof, debris is unavoidable. We will make every effort to ensure all your property is correctly protected all during a tear off.
  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: Is Addicott Roofing Reliable?
    Please ask anyone on our list of roofing client references, they will confirm we do our roofing work in an orderly and efficient manner and have done so for over 30 years, Addicott Roofing has been a example of “High Customer Satisfaction” for many, many years. We’re committed to satisfying your roofing needs, at a reasonable price, in a reliable and thorough manner.
  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: What kind of job supervision can I expect?
    Rod Addicott will review your project with the crew before the job begins and go over any special details that may require additional attention. If you have questions during the project and need to talk with us, just call or email our office and we will get in touch with you right away. Once the project is completed, we complete a final inspection of your roof and review the warranty for the project. If you have any concerns, please let us know at that time so we can discuss the issue and resolve it. If there are any items you feel need to be corrected, Rod Addicott will re-inspect the roof to assure that the project has been completed to your satisfaction.
  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: How can I prepare my home for roofing work?
    Generally, roofing projects, especially tear offs, tend to be rather involved. During the project, there will be our work crew, material, equipment, a dump truck and some roof debris on your property. Keeping this in mind, it’s our intention to minimize the disruption to your life. We instruct our work crew to keep the worksite as clean as possible and to be respectful of you, your home and your property.
  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: Our house has a complex roof structure. What can I do during the design stage to make certain our roof functions as well as possible?
    We are happy to consult with architects and contractors, review plans, and suggest design modifications to avoid potential problems in your roof’s performance.
  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: What is the best roofing underlayment to use?
    The right combination of underlayment greatly contributes to a roof’s performance and lifespan. How a structure is designed, determines the optimal choice of underlayment material. As an experienced roofing contractor, Addicott Roofing can help you select the appropriate underlayment for your roofing project that will provide the maximum performance substructure for the roof material you’ve selected.
  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: Should I replace my rain gutters at the same time as the roofing work?
    Most rain gutters installed 20 years ago were steel and should be checked for leaks. If your gutters need to be replaced, you may choose either high-grade aluminum or plastic. Both products are durable and warranted for the life of your home. There are also a wide number of colors available. Gutters fail by falling off houses or pulling away from the fascia. Gutters should be nailed every two feet and down spouts screwed together. If your gutters need to be repaired or replaced, contact Addicott Roofing today.
  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: What color should I choose for my new roof?
    The color of roofing material should blend with and compliment the style and color of your home. The roof should not be the first thing people see when they drive up to your home. We will assist you with selecting just the right color and material to best enhance your home.
  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: When should I replace my roof or does my roof need to be replaced?
    With cedar shake roofs, they will start telling you they need to be replaced when the shakes start to warp, crumble or when you start finding them in your yard after a wind storm. With composition shingles, these usually wear out in a more discreet way. Granules start coming off leaving black patches showing through. Shingles also start to curl or claw at the ends. In general, people think if their roof leaks they need to replace it. Unless it’s an older roof, leaks can usually be repaired. With leaking in older roofs and/or if your roof has leaked in more than a few areas, this can mean trouble. If your roof is leaking, contact Addicott Roofing today.
  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: Do You Have Commission Roofing Salespeople?
    We do not hire commission sales people. No commissions mean lower overhead and that keeps the cost down for the customer.
  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: Do You Carry Liability Insurance?
    Do You Carry Liability Insurance? Yes, our policy is with an “A” rated carrier who is reliable and will be around if any problems should arise. We have a $1,000,000 general liability coverage, and aggregate coverage in the amount of $2,000,000, for each occurrence. Our policy is an “occurrence” rather than a “claim made” policy. This protects both parties into the future, after the project is completed. Roofers are notorious for either not having any liability insurance coverage or inadequate cover, or having coverage with a company that disappears when claims arise. This is an important measure intended to protect both the customer and us. You should always get proof of adequate liability insurance before any work commences on your home.
  • Edmonds Roofing Contractor FAQ: Do You Carry Workers Compensation Insurance?
    Yes, this ensures if anyone working for Addicott Roofing injures themselves, their medical costs and income is paid by the carrier. Neither you nor Addicott Roofing are liable for any damages. You should get proof that a contractor pays his Washington State Labor & Industry taxes for Workers Compensation Insurance before any work commences on your home. Failure to do so can mean that you, the homeowner, are responsible for any injury incurred while working on your home.


We know your home is one of the largest investments in your life. Our professional installers are here to help you complete your roof replacement, water leak repair or inspection with the same quality and care we would use for our own home. Located in Edmonds, WA for over 50 years we have stood apart from our Snohomish County Area roofing contractor competitors with exceptional industry knowledge & professionalism. Many of our roofing clients are from nearby Bothell, Lynnwood, Mountlake Terrace, Mukilteo, Everett, Lake Forest Park and Shoreline.

Edmonds Roofers. Edmonds Roofing Company. Local Licensed Contractor - Emergency Water Leak Repairs and New Roof Replacements. Edmonds, Lynnwood & Shoreline


Edmonds, WA Roofing Repair Company


Edmonds Roofing Replacements. 45 Years Roofing Experience. Roofers & Roofing Company. Local Licensed Contractor Near Me - Emergency Water Leak Repairs and New Roof Replacements


Edmonds Roof Repairs Leaks. 45 Years Roofing Experience. Roofers & Roofing Company. Local Licensed Contractor Near Me - Emergency and New Roof Replacements. Roofing Experts For Lynnwood & Shoreline, Washington


The Addicott Roofing Crew arrived when scheduled and the crew was very polite and courteous. The clean up was perfect and we had a chance to talk to the crew and they were very nice guys. Overall, we are extremely pleased with the new roof and it was completed in a timely manner.

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