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Our Story

“Commitment to Excellence” is a statement that Addicott Roofing takes very seriously. We have worked extremely hard to build the most competent and complete roofing construction company in the State of Washington.

Rod Addicott, owner of Addicott Roofing, is proud to be characterized as an innovative roofing contractor who works directly with his clients to ensure that each project is completed properly and in accordance with the initial estimate. His dedication and expertise ranges from the simplest residential roofing project to the most sophisticated commercial application.

With highly trained technicians and state-of-the-art equipment, Addicott Roofing can provide the service you need, when you need it and at a price you can afford.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to educate, provide information, samples and references, so our customers can make good, informed decisions. A new roof is one of the more expensive, long term investments a homeowner will make in a home. Providing educational information and backing it up with quality workmanship and materials has been our commitment for over 45 years throughout the greater Snohomish and King County region. That is what Addicott Roofing is all about. Fair price, quality work, completed in a timely manner.

Commitment to Service

Addicott Roofing’s success and strong performance can be attributed to the fundamental principals established by founder Rod Addicott. His vision for the future and company philosophy — Commitment to Excellence — is incorporated into every aspect of the business, including hiring quality, skilled workmen, superior products and the guarantee of excellent workmanship. These traits have helped establish the company as a trusted source in the roofing industry.

From the initial contact to the final inspection, Addicott Roofing is committed to service.

Quality Workmanship and Service

Addicott Roofing sets itself above the competition in many ways. Not only does the company provide free estimates for prospective customers, it also issues workmanship warranties for each completed project. This ensures customers that Addicott Roofing will repair — at no additional cost — any roof leaks that may occur due to material defects or improper installation during the warranty period. With over 45 years experience, you can be sure that Addicott Roofing will be around to fulfill this warranty.

During installation, experienced contractors follow a detailed installation worksheet at all times. In addition, installers paint vents for a custom look, provide job site clean-up during and after installation, as well as protect landscaping during roof removal and installation, as appropriate. Upon completion of the job, we will review the workmanship and prepare a final inspection report.

Equally important, the company takes pride in servicing its customers. By avoiding the “hard sell” tactics and simply listening to customer’s needs, we are able to recommend the appropriate products and timelines. During the entire process, all our representatives take care of the customer and strive to provide complete satisfaction.

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