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Have Your Roof Replaced or Repaired Today with $0 DOWN!


Not Sure You Can Trust a Small, Local Roofing Company?

We don’t believe this should stop you from starting to build equity in your own home today. For most of us, our home represents our family’s single largest investment. When you think about it, between the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, heating and cooling expenses, and regular maintenance costs, the home requires a large part of your income.

Unfortunately, when it comes to selecting a local roofing contractor this investment can seem speculative at best. And rightfully so! The roofing industry is filled with schemers and here today, gone tomorrow companies that trick or fleece homeowners and give competent and ethical contractors a bad reputation.

Well, we’d like to set the record straight and prove to you our unique value. You see, one of the most common misconceptions about the roofing industry is that all companies, products, and installers are essentially the same…nothing could be further from the truth. There are many differences and these differences are very important for you to understand before you invest your hard-earned dollars!

Realizing this critically important issue, Addicott Roofing offers each customer a ZERO Down payment option. We do this because we’d like to prove our value and accountability BEFORE asking for payment. As Rod Addicott always says, “I want our clients to feel as though they’re getting what they paid for and more – by offering a ZERO Down payment option, each customer is assured the highest quality end result and performance accountability.”

To learn more about our Zero Down payment option and commitment to accountable re-roofing practices, schedule a FREE ESTIMATE today!