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Our Roofing and Business Philosophy

“Our goal is to educate, provide information, samples and references, so our customers can make good, informed decisions for their roofing needs. Providing our customers with educational information and backing our service with quality workmanship and materials has been our commitment for over 30 years throughout the greater Snohomish and King County region. This is what Addicott Roofing is all about. Fair price and quality work, completed in a timely manner.”

The steps we take to consistently live up to our Mission commitment:

Personalized service: Rod Addicott devotes whatever time is necessary from the initial phone call through to the completion of the job, to be sure that you, our customer, is completely satisfied. We have, by design, kept our company small, so that we can offer this personalized service. We have one well-experienced crew under the direct supervision of Rod Addicott.

Quality commitment: Most roofing companies pay employees based on “piecework”. They are not full-time employees. At Addicott Roofing we are one of the few roofing companies that pride ourselves in having one and usually two experienced foremen on the job site at all times. Their job is to oversee the safety, quality workmanship and progress of your job. Our employees are paid hourly wages. You can be assured they are skilled and will take a personal interest in providing the best possible outcome for your project with excellent quality and workmanship.

Project Challenges: Every project is different. Some have some deteriorated sheeting, ventilation issues, or some unexpected problem that arises during the re-roofing process. Addicott Roofing will analyze the situation, deliver whatever additional supplies or products that may be needed, re-organize the roofing plan, and keep the customer informed. Communication with the customer is our top priority. When challenges arise, we want to immediately inform you of the changes and additional expenses that are necessary. This allows the crew to continue working at full capacity. We take pictures, samples of bad wood and give the homeowner the options which best suits their needs.

Salespeople: We do not hire commission sales people. No commission means lower overhead, and that keeps the cost down for you.

Clean-Up: 95% of all debris is removed from your home and removed by our dump trailers. This avoids the use of large drop dumpsters used by some companies, which can seriously damage your driveway. We set up tarps around the perimeter of the dumpster which catches all the debris that may drop onto the ground. We use a magnet to pick up any loose nails that may have dropped on the ground. We also protect your shrubs and plants to the best of our ability. The clean-up you can expect from Addicott Roofing is very thorough!

No Risk: We offer zero down and payment upon completion with a 5-day grace period. As a consumer I have a problem with giving money to anyone without getting something. When you buy things you take them with you. When you sign a contract and give the contractor “deposit money”, you may find yourself in a compromised position. Further, this approach locks you in and you aren’t in a position to shop the bid any longer, without losing your deposit money. We don’t say the practice is wrong, we only say you will not have to do that with Addicott Roofing Inc.

Dependable: When you hire a contractor, you are not hiring a company, you are hiring the person who is in charge of a company. The big question is: Can you trust these people? That can always be a risk. The risk is a lot lower when you don’t have any money on the line. If this company has been in business a long time it usually helps to assure you that these people did not take other peoples money and run.

Service: The roofing industry is all about service. When you go to Lowes it is all about price. You probably can’t find a lower price. When you go to a local lumberyard (if you can still find one), it will cost you more money but generally the service is much better. We believe that the personal service offered by Addicott Roofing provides the peace of mind that customers deserve.

Value: There is nothing wrong with getting the lowest price. However, the lowest price is not always the “lowest price” if it is lacking in value. For example, a “lowest price” roofing bid may appear lower because they are not replacing the pipe flashings and are reusing the roof vents. In many cases, these cost-cutting measures mean your roof can quickly develop a leak. So, was the roofing job really a lower price, once the new leak repair has been calculated into the original cost of a new roof?

My job: As the owner and only salesperson/estimator, I want to educate you regarding the different products and services that are available in the market today. I offer you the options that best fit your needs and those of your home. I do this because it is my goal to have the customer completely satisfied. This is how I would want to be treated. I am your direct contact from start to finish!

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