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The upper portion of a sidewall that comes to a triangular point at the ridge of a sloping roof.

Gable Fascia

Exterior trim that finishes the sloped side of a pitched roof.

Gable roof

A type of roof containing sloping planes of the same pitch on each side of the ridge. A gable roof typically contains a gable at each end.

Gambrel roof

A type of roof containing two sloping planes of different pitch on each side of the ridge. The lower plane has a steeper slope than the upper. A gambrel roof usually contains a gable at each end, just like a standard gable roof.


Ceramic-coated colored crushed rock that is applied to the exposed surface of asphalt roofing products.


The trough that channels water from the eaves to the downspouts.

Gutter Fascia

Horizontal trim at the eaves that covers the rafter ends.

Gutter Hangers

Aluminum brackets used to hang gutters with no visible fastener.

Gutter Spike and Ferrell

A gutter installation method using exposed fasteners on the exterior of the gutter.

Gutter Starter Metal

A baked enamel metal that is installed along the gutter edge to prevent water from affecting the sheeting.

Gutter Wedges

Used to hang gutters vertically on a sloped fascia board.