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Laminated shingles

Strip shingles containing more than one layer of tabs to create extra thickness. Laminated shingles are also called three-dimensional shingles or architectural shingles. Most have drastic color changes to make them look smaller like shake-type roofs.


To cover the surface of one shingle or roll with another.

Lap cement:

An asphalt-based cement used to adhere overlapping plies of roll roofing.

Lead flashing

When working with tile roofs, lead flashing is used. In the case of a plumbing vent flashing, the lead flashing is actually molded to the shape of the tile’s surface. Then the top of the lead flashing is covered by the next tile to prevent water from seeping under the flashing.

Lean-to roof

A roof with one slope only that is built against a higher wall.

Life-cycle cost

The total lifetime cost of a roof. Calculated by adding maintenance costs to the installed price, then deducting the added value the roof provides when the home is resold.

Low slope application

Method of installing asphalt shingles on roof slopes between two and four inches per foot.