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Wooden platforms used for storing and shipping bundles of shingles or roll goods.

Pan metal

Thin metal used above chimneys or skylights.


A low protective wall that extends above the roofline or balcony for support.


Also known as “slope”, pitch is the measure of how “steep” a roof is. For example, if a roof is “4 in 12”, the roof rises 4 inches for every horizontal run of 12 inches. The pitch of the roof is a big factor in determining the kinds of materials that can be used and the longevity of the roof. Usually, a steeper roof (higher pitch) will last longer due to its better drainage capabilities.

Pipe Flashings

A boot that seals a plumbing vent that penetrates the roof deck.

Plastic cement

A compound used to seal flashings and in some cases to seal down shingles as well as for other small waterproofing jobs. Where plastic cement is required for sealing down shingles, use a dab about the size of a half dollar unless otherwise specified.

Plumbing vent flashing

Plumbing vent flashing prevents rainwater from running into holes cut for pipes penetrating through the roof. This flashing is sold according to the size of the vent pipe and the roof angle. Roof flashing is installed over the roofing and under the roofing above it.


The number of layers of felt used in hot roofing. (i.e. 1,2,3-ply)


A structural material made of layers of wood glued together, usually with the grains of adjoining layers at right angles.

Plywood is strong, durable, and light. It comes in many grades with ratings from A to D. Use only exterior grade plywood for decking. The thickness of plywood depends on the spacing of the rafters.


A horizontal flat area created on a pitched roof.